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Project Proposal Form
Thank you for considering the Center for Social Research as a partner. If you would like us to consult with you, work directly on your project, or supply our Small Grant funding or in-kind services, please complete this form to the best of your current understanding. We use this system to help us balance our workload and ensure client satisfaction.

If you are uncertain about answers to any key questions, please make your best effort (most questions may be skipped quickly if necessary), and then contact us for a free consultation to help you define your project more clearly. If appropriate, we will be happy to complete this form with you as we talk together in person.

Project proposals are evaluated in batches, with application due dates as follows:
   October 15 for projects due to launch the following spring
   January 15 for the following summer
   April 15 for the following fall

Proposals with more urgent schedules may be evaluated and accepted if our resources so permit, but submissions to the batch process will receive priority and a more expeditious response.

Questions? Contact us!

Thank you for your interest,
Neil Carlson, Ph.D., Director ( 616-526-6420
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